Substitution list / Bonfiglioli 706 C2B,
PMP PMC2000-S2 320 bar r. 35.5
Regiana Riduttori RRTD 1700 SAM

RM.50.00 Winch gear

RM.50.00 is intended for the winch drive of mobile cranes of 25t and 32t lifting capacity. Equivalent to Bonfiglioli® 706 C2B, PMP® PMC2000-S2 320 bar r. 35.5, Reggiana Riduttori® RRTD 1700,
For direct installation in winch drums, e.g. for drilling rigs and cranes

Technical characteristics:

Parameter Value
Working displacement of hydraulic motor, ccm 107 50
Transmission ratio 35.5
Max. working fluid flow rate, l/min 142
Max .working pressure, bar 178
Max. outlet speed of the hydraulic motor, rev/min 1260 2700
Gearbox outlet torque, Hm 10 000 4 673
Gearbox outlet speed, rev/min 35.5 76
Recommended oil grades:
- for moderate climate SAE 80W/90
- for low temperatures SAE 75W/90
Working fluid amount 2 ± 10%
Weight, kg (without oil) 140 ± 10%
Hydraulic motor designation 403.0.107.W.A6.F20.V1.E2N.NN
RM.50.00 Winch gear Optima
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