Substitution list / Bonfiglioli 705 T3L

RM.20.00 Swing gear

RM.20.00 is intended for the swing drive of excavators. Equivalent to Bonfiglioli® 705 T3L, PMP, Brevini, Reggiana Riduttori, 
For the swing drive of the superstructure, e.g. of excavators, cranes, forestry machines, ship unloaders

Technical characteristics:

Designation Application Gearbox parameters
    ratio torque, Nm input speed, max (rpm) output speed, max (rpm) Motor displacement,
RM.20.01 excavator, 12...18t 29.29 6200 2000 68.29 56

Gearbox design:
- two- and three-stage planetary gearboxes
- built-in parking brakes

Motor design:
- axial piston bent-axis motor
- fixed displacement

Motor options:
- build-in pressure-relief valves
- build-in brake release valves
- speed sensor (option)


RM.20.00 Swing gear Optima
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