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Pump flow is proportional to shaft speed and displacement. The working volume is infinitely adjustable from zero to the maximum value due to a change in the angle of inclination of the washer.

Working displacement: 260 cc/rev.

Design features:
- mounting flange: ∅165.1 mm;
- 4 holes according to ISO 3019-2 (metric);

Shaft version:
slotted W60x2x30x28x9g DIN 5480;
- pumps are left and right; - the possibility of limiting the minimum and maximum working volumes;
- built-in booster pump, allows the pump to operate at a shaft speed of up to 2300 rpm.

Options: Pressure gauge connection possible

Technical parameters:

Working displacement, cc/rev  
-min 0
-max 260
Max. rotation speed, rpm 2300
Flow, Qv, l/min 598
Charge pressure, MPa  
- nominal 35
- maximum 40
Max. consumed power, N, kW 349
Max. torque, T, N*m (nmax,Vg max, Ph max) 741
Max. Drain pressure, Pdr, bar 2
Inlet pressure at suction port, Ps (absolute), bar  
-min 0,6
-max 2
Weight, kg 138
All values are theoretical given with the consideration on:
Volumetric efficiency coefficient 0,96
Overall efficiency coefficient 0,92


​Application areas are Mining trucks, Excavators, Drilling rigs, FPSO fire pump systems, etc             

Equivalent to:  
Rexroth® A11VLO... A11VO...A11VLO260 (A11VLO260DRS/11L-NZD12N00). Brueninghaus Hydromatik,
CAT® 259-0878, 245-0961, 216-4826, 295-9678, 392-0758, 259-0784, 251-6516, 216-4825, 263-5064, 263-5065, 420-1753, 249-7024, 301-9250, 153-8179.

OPT.514.0.260 Optima
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