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RM.50.00 is intended for the winch drive of mobile cranes of 25t and 32t lifting capacity. Equivalent to Bonfiglioli® 706 C2B, PMP® PMC2000-S2 320 bar r. 35.5, Reggiana Riduttori® RRTD 1700,
For direct installation in winch drums, e.g. for drilling rigs and cranes

Technical characteristics:

Parameter Value
Working displacement of hydraulic motor, ccm 107 50
Transmission ratio 35.5
Max. working fluid flow rate, l/min 142
Max .working pressure, bar 178
Max. outlet speed of the hydraulic motor, rev/min 1260 2700
Gearbox outlet torque, Hm 10 000 4 673
Gearbox outlet speed, rev/min 35.5 76
Recommended oil grades:
- for moderate climate SAE 80W/90
- for low temperatures SAE 75W/90
Working fluid amount 2 ± 10%
Weight, kg (without oil) 140 ± 10%
Hydraulic motor designation 403.0.107.W.A6.F20.V1.E2N.NN
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