PRODUCTS | Planetary Gearboxes

RM.00.00 is intended for the swing drive of mobile cranes. Equivalent to Bonfiglioli® 705 T3L, PMP, Brevini, Reggiana Riduttori, 
For the swing drive of the superstructure, e.g. of excavators, cranes, forestry machines, ship unloaders

Technical characteristics:

Designation Application Gearbox parameters
    ratio torque, Nm input speed, max (rpm) output speed, max (rpm) Motor displacement,
RM.00.01 mobile crane, 16…25t 63.1 3646 1200 19 112
RM.00.02 mobile crane, 32…40t 63.1 3646 1200 19 56
RM.00.03 mobile crane, 16…25t 63.1 3646 1200 19 112
Planetary gearboxes for mobile cranes, Swing gear, Slewing gears, swing drive, high efficiency planetary gearboxes equivalent to Bonfiglioli 705T3L, PMP, Brevini, Slewing gear, Drive technology, Optima
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