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Fixed displacement axial piston swash plate hydraulic motors-Taumelscheibenmotoren

Hydraulic motors OPT.FM.0.90 were developed on request of foreign consumers. Hydraulic motors OPT.FM.0.90 were initially intended for use in a set with a hydrostatic transmission of truck mounted concrete mixers. At present this series of hydraulic motors is widely used in hydraulic drives of mobile machinery f.i. in road rollers.

Working displacement: 71, 80, 90 ccm/re

- min overall dimensions in its class
- min weight in its class
- one side location of working lines
- mounted-in rotation speed sensor

Further development of OPT.FM series is carried out by the plant: hydraulic motors with working displacement 112cc/rev. on the base of the introduced design.

Taumelscheibenmotoren, Taumelscheibenpumpe, Schwenkscheibe Optima
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