PRODUKTE | Pumpen | Tandem-Doppelpumpe

Special features:
OPT.614.0.125 – variable displacement swashplate pump with proportional servo control
OPT.114.0.56 – fixed displacement bent-axis pump

Tandem pump includes transmission swash plate pump G1.614 series and bent-axis pumps OPT.013, OPT.313, OPT.114 series.
Tandem pump is intended for application in road construction machinery, drilling rigs.
Tandem pump allows to exclude distributing gearbox and in some cases exclude belt drive of the pumps.
Owing to this the production cost is decreased while reliability is increased.

OPT.614.0.125RY3A4F44C22P/HNF1NN+G1.114.0.56.R.A1.F40.NN Optima
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