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Tandem pump consists of two swash plate pumps of G1.614 series:
- 90 (or 71) + 90 (or 71) ccm/rev
- 124 (or 110) + 90 (or 71) ccm/rev
- 125 (or 110) + 125 (or 110) ccm/rev

Any combination of working displacements is possible: 28, 71, 90, 105, 110, 125 ccm/rev

The tandem pump is intended for operation in close loop hydraulic systems. Intended for application in hydraulic schemes of:
- rollers, vibratory compactors
- track-type vehicles: earthmovers, rovers, paddy harvesters
- wheeled vehicles: front loaders

Optima Hydraulics continues to widen the production. In the first quarter of 2012 on request of consumers, the following tandem pumps were developed and introduced into manufacture.

Equivalents to:
Rexroth® A4VG+A4VG, A4VG250....(A4VG125 + A4VG125), A4VG28..., A4VG71..., A4VG90..., A4VG105..., A4VG125...,  A4VTG71HW…, A4VTG90HW…, 
Sauer Danfoss®: 42R(L)+42R(L), 90R(L)+90R(L), 42R(L)28..., 90R(L)75..., 90R(L)100..., 90R(L)130..., 90R(L)75MA…
Kawasaki®: K3V112DT-11ER9C02 (OEM no 31N6-10051),

Tandem pumps for rollers, vibratory compactors, earthmovers, rovers, paddy harvesters and front loaders equivalent to Rexroth® A4VG+A4VG, Sauer Danfoss®: 42R(L)+42R(L), 90R(L)+90R(L), Kawasaki: K3V112DT-11ER9C02 (OEM no 31N6-10051), Optima
* The original part numbers, reference numbers and brand names are used only for identification purposes. They do not imply that the products are original (OEM).