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Open circuit variable displacement axial piston swash plate hydraulic pumps

Swashplate hydraulic pump OPT.514.0.250 series is the complete analog of axial piston pump A4VSO250 produced by Rexroth® and will be manufactured by Optima with similar regulation types and with similar tandem versions as A4VSO250 pump.

Swashplate hydraulic pumps OPT.514.0.250 series are intended for industrial use in metallurgical equipment.

Design features:

Mounting flange Ø224 mm, 4 holes as per ISO 3019-2 (metric)

Shaft version:

Technical parameters:

Parameter Value
Working displacement, cc/rev 250
Max. rotation speed, rpm 1500
Max. pump feed, l/min 375
Charge pressure, MPa  
- nominal 350
- maximum 400
Max. consumed power, kW 250
Weight, kg 184

Equivalent to Rexroth® A4VSO series

Rexroth A4VSO250, Axialkolben-Verstellpumpe, O+K RH30E, Demag, Axialkolben-Verstellpumpen, Optima
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