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Open circuit fixed displacement axial piston bent-axis hydraulic pumps.

The pumps transform the shaft rotation mechanical energy into the working fluid flow hydraulic energy.
The pumps are intended for operation in open and closed circuits of stationary and mobile installations.

Working displacements: 56, 107 ccm/rev

Technical characteristics:
Capacity ( cc ) 56cc 107cc
Working displacement, Vg ccm 56.1 106.7
Max. rotation frequency (at Pinput= 0,2 MPа), nmax rpm 3750 3000
Feed (at nmax), Qmax l/min 210 320
Power, N      
at ∆p=450 bar kW 141 214
at ∆p=400 bar kW 125 190
Torque, T      
at ∆p=450 bar Nm 358 682
at ∆p=400 bar Nm 319 606
Weight, m kg 18 32

- fixed displacement axial piston bent-axis hydraulic pumps
- cylinders block inclination angle of 40º
- cast iron housings
- bimetal steel block
- mounting dimensions as per DIN / ISO standards 

Equivalent to: Rexroth® A2FO56...A2F107.. A2FO107... Parker® F12-110

OPT.114 Series Axialkolben-Konstantpumpe Optima
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