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Twin flow hydraulic pump OPT.113.FT​ series is intended for conversion of mechanical energy of hydraulic pump shaft rotation into the energy of working fluid flow. The hydraulic pump has two independent working outputs owing to double row (two rows of pistons) design of the rotary group.

Twin flow hydraulic pumps OPT.113.FT series is intended for mobile machines (mobile cranes, municipal machines, etc.)

Parameter Value A Value B
 Working displacement, ccm 35 75
 Rotation speed, rpm    
 - min 400 400
 - nominal 1200 1200
 - max. at min output pressure (output A and output В on load) 2000  2000
 - max. without load  2550  2550
 Nominal feed, l/min 40  80
 Pressure, nominal, bar 200 200
 Pressure, max, bar 350 350
 Input pressure, bar    
 - min 0.8 0.8
 - max 2.0 2.0
 Nominal power (consumed), kW 44.4 44.4
 Flow efficiency (output А and output B) 0.95 0.95
 Total efficiency 0.9 0.9
 Weight, kg 26 26

Equivalent to: OMFB TF TWIN FLOW 70+35

Doppelströmungshydraulikpumpe Optima
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