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Optima Hydraulics designs and manufactures integrated pump units upon customer’s individual requests. 

The integrated pump unit consists of the gearbox and several pumps. Any combination of pumps is possible.
Integrated pump unit can have various versions of drive:
• mounted on the engine of mobile vehicle 
• mounted on the electric motor 
• mounted separately and driven with axle driveshaft

Technical characteristics:

Capacity ( cc ) 333…28
223…80 233…107
Power Pmax kW 70 93 105 160 465 240 500
Shaft rotation speed nmax rpm 2195 2400 2280 2100 2100 2100 2100
Weight (working fluid excluded) mmax kg 50 74 55 110 224 155 440

- consists of reduction gear with 2 - 6 fixed or variable displacement hydraulic pumps mounted on it

Special features:
- torsional and splined drive shaft with inner and outer splines
- various versions of the reduction gear housing

Application: Hydraulic power drives of stationary and mobile machinery. Like mining excavator DEMAG H55

Equivalents to: Hydromatik-Rexroth® A8VO (A8VO28.. A8VO55.. A8VO80.. A8VO107.. A8VO112.. A8VO140.. A8VO160..), Samhydraulik-Brevini®: HDV
Axial piston variable double pump

Axial piston variable double pump, Integrated pumping units, pump unit, Variable displacement axial piston pump, pump system for hydraulic power drives of stationary and mobile machinery equivalents to Hydromatik-Rexroth A8VO (A8VO28.. A8VO55.. A8VO80.. A8VO107.. A8VO112.. A8VO140.. A8VO160..), Samhydraulik-Brevini: HDV Optima
* The original part numbers, reference numbers and brand names are used only for identification purposes. They do not imply that the products are original (OEM).