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OPT.014 Series Motors

Fixed displacement axial piston bent-axis hydraulic motors

Hydraulic motors convert the working fluid energy into the shaft rotation mechanical energy.
Hydraulic motors are intended for operation in open and close loops of stationary and mobile installations.

Working displacement: 56, 107 ccm/rev

Technical characteristics:

Capacity ( cc ) 56cc 107cc
Working displacement Vg ccm 56.1 106.7
Max. rotation speed nmax rpm 3750 3000
Consumed flow (at nmax) qmax l/min 280 320
Power N kW 187 286
at p=450 bar N kW 167 255
at p=400 bar N kW    
Torque T Nm 358 684
at p=450 bar T Nm 318 608

- fixed displacement axial piston bent-axis hydraulic motors
- cylinder block inclination angle of 400
- cast iron housing
- bimetal steel block
- mounting dimensions as per DIN / ISO standards

Special features:
- standard version
- mounted-in version (cartridge-type)

- loop flushing valve
- safety valves
- purge relief valve
- by-pass valve
- shaft rotation frequency sensor

Equivalent to: ​
Rexroth® A2FE... A2FM45...A2FE45...A2FM56..., A2FE56..., A2FM63...A2FM107...A2FE107... AA2FM125...
Parker® F12-60…C, F12-80, F12-110,
Sam Hydraulik-Brevini: H1C75

OPT.014 Series Motors Optima
* The reference numbers & brand names are used only for identification purposes. They do not imply that the products are original (OEM).